Our company finds success through honest, hard work. We aren’t trying to line our pockets by outsourcing our labor or filling factories with lifeless machines. We value the tradition of beekeeping above all else and embrace the lifestyle that comes with it. For four generations, our family has kept bees, and we will continue to keep bees for many years to come.

Basic Honey is a testament of our love for beekeeping. Humanity now exists in a time where we have become numb to what we consume. Everything natural has been replicated with cheap and unhealthy substitutes in place of the real deal. In the case of honey, more than three quarters of honey sold in American grocery stores has been significantly altered (more here) and imported honey is even worse. We regularly receive emails from honey corporations outside of the United States offering to import honey that is diluted, unethically sourced, or synthetically produced.

We pride ourselves on being an American company making American products in a sustainable way. Our bees roam freely over the rolling hills of South Dakota in the Summer and Fall and the wild woods of Northern Florida in the Winter and Spring. It is our mission to provide the high quality natural products produced by our bees to those who demand a higher standard for themselves and their loved ones. What the hive produces is exactly what you get – we do not tamper or alter what the bees have worked tirelessly to create. Rather, we cherish our bees and work with them to collect and distribute what we believe to be one of nature’s finest creations.

Eric Low and Jake Hanson
​Founders of Basic Honey