Basic Honey is the online arm of a fourth generation beekeeping operation. We keep bees year-round, spending the summers in South Dakota and the rest of the year in northern Florida. We have two seasonal honey extractions: South Dakota Clover and Florida Gallberry. Since bees naturally prioritize nectar from these flowers while they are in bloom, we are able to produce single-source raw honey twice a year.

To extract our honey, we spin the frames in a centrifuge which forces the honey and the beeswax cappings off the comb into a barrel. We then gently heat the barrel and use gravity to separate the lower density wax from the higher density honey. The honey is then filtered and bottled by hand and the wax is poured into wooden molds.

Our bees are kept using traditional beekeeping practices. The hives are placed in secluded natural environments rich in biodiversity. We do not partake in any monoculture farming so as to avoid harmful pesticides. Our goal is to produce the highest quality products as possible and bring these products directly to you – unadulterated and fresh.

Eric Low and Jake Hanson
Founders of Basic Honey